Sunday School

CornerStone Offers Sunday School 9:30-10:20 every Sunday. We offer classes for the following age groups;

3-5 years of age – Meets in the second room on left in front hallway

6-7 years of age – Meets in the first room on left in front hallway

8-9 years of age – Meets in the first room on right in front hallway (next to the restrooms)

10-12 years of age – Meets in the end room in front hallway

13-20 years of age – Meets in the third room on left in front hallway

20+ years of age – Meets in two locations; the dinning room and the classroom off the dinning room. Below is the lesson plan for the adult classes in 2021

Sunday School Lesson Plan for 2021
The Books of Galatians, Ephesians and Revelation

Jan. 3 Gal. 1:1-17 Defection From and Revelation of the Gospel of Christ
Jan. 10 Gal. 1:18-2:10 Two Trips to Jerusalem
Jan. 17 Gal. 2:11-21 Conflicts, Confrontation, and Crucifixion with Christ
Jan. 24 Gal. 3:1-14 Foolish Futility or Faith Foreseen by a Father
Jan. 31 Gal. 3:15-29 Inheritors of the Seed of Promise

Feb. 7 Gal. 4:1-15 Heirs of God Through Christ Enticed by Bondage
Feb. 14 Gal. 4:16-31 The Bondwoman or the Freewoman-Which is Your Mother?
Feb. 21 Gal. 5:1-15 In Christ Jesus Neither (insert issue of choice) Avails Anything, but Faith Working through Love
Feb. 28 Gal. 5:16-26 The Best De-Fence Against the Lust of the Flesh-Walking in the Spirit

Mar. 7 Gal. 6:1-18 Dealing with Sin in the Body, Restoration through Relationship
Mar. 14 Eph. 1:1-14 God’s Good Pleasure Includes and Inheritance with Guarantee
Mar. 21 Eph. 1:15-2:3 Paul’s Prayer for Enlightened Eyes
Mar. 28 Eph. 2:4-18 The Exceeding Riches of God’s Grace

Apr. 4 Luke 24:1-35 The Resurrection
Apr. 11 Eph. 2:19-3:13 Joint Tenancy in God’s Household
Apr. 18 Eph. 3:14-4:6 Strengthening the Dwelling Place of Christ Enables Unity
Apr. 25 Eph. 4:7-24 Gifts Given for Equipping and Edifying in Order to Grow Up

May 2 Eph. 4:25-5:7 Put off, Grieve Not, and Be Imitators of God
May 9 II Tim. 1:1-18 Mother’s Day
May 16 Eph. 5:8-24 Walking in the Light, Filled With the Spirit
May 23 Eph. 5:25-6:9 Loving, Respecting, and Obeying-The Basis for Enduring Relationships
May 30 Eph. 6:10-24 You Can’t Stand Fast Only Half Clothed

Jun. 6 Rev. 1:1-20 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, the Almightly
Jun. 13 Rev. 2:1-17 Jesus Dictates, John Writes: “I Know Your Works…”
Jun. 20 Luke 15:11-32 Father’s Day
Jun. 27 Rev. 2:18-29 Hold Fast and Be Over Comers

Jul. 4 Rev. 3:1-13 A Dead Christian is an Oxymoron
Jul. 11 Rev. 3:14-4:11 Half-baked Nauseates; Thrown Before the Throne
Jul. 18 Rev. 5:1-14 The Slain Lamb Occupies the Throne
Jul. 25 Rev. 6:1-17 Opening the Seals Begins the End

Aug. 1 Rev. 7:1-17 The 144,000 and the Numberless Multitude
Aug. 8 Rev. 8:1-13 Silence Before the Trumpets Blow
Aug. 15 Rev. 9:1-12 The First Woe is From the Pit
Aug. 22 Rev. 9:13-10:7 No Repentance Keeps God a Mystery
Aug. 29 Rev. 10:8-11:10 The Sweet and Bitter Book; Two Tormenting Witnesses

Sep. 5 Rev. 11:11-12:6 He Shall Reign Forever because the Dragon Goes Hungry
Sep. 12 Rev. 12:7-17 Holy War in Heaven and on Earth
Sep. 19 Rev. 13:1-18 The Unholy Trinity
Sep. 26 Rev. 14:1-13 Which Name Will Be Written on Your Forehead?

Oct. 3 Rev. 14:14-15:8 The Wrath of God Yields a Bloody Harvest and Seven Bowls Full of Plagues
Oct. 10 Rev. 16:1-16 Six Plagues and Gathering for Battle
Oct. 17 Rev. 16:17-17:6 What Battle? And an Abominable Mother
Oct. 24 Rev. 17:7-18 A Ten Horned Mystery
Oct. 31 Rev. 18:1-20 The Earth Mourns the Fall of Babylon

Nov. 7 Rev. 18:21-19:10 The End of the Seductress and the Adorning of the Lamb’s Wife
Nov. 14 Rev. 19:11-21 Battle Summary for Vultures: Fine Dining
Nov. 21 II Cor. 9:1-15 Thanksgiving
Nov. 28 Rev. 20:1-15 Satan Bound, Saints Reign; Final Judgement

Dec. 5 Rev. 21:1-13 Everything Made New
Dec. 12 Rev. 21:14-22:5 No Need for a Temple
Dec. 19 Micah 5:1-15 The Birth of Christ
Dec. 26 Rev. 22:6-21 Come for He is Coming Quickly